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Unlock Your Online Potential with Expert SEO Services

Everything from the site structure and performance to the words and images are used to determine your relevance in search results.  With our experience in SEO Optimization, you can leave the work to us and focus on running your business.  We offer a free site & SEO audit to determine where your site is currently ranking and identify opportunities for improvement. Our audits are prepared and reviewed by our team to create a custom report that is accurate and thoughtful recommendations specific to your business.

The Shameless Promotion Difference

Here at Shameless Promotion, we believe every business should have a great SEO foundation regardless of their size and budget. Many businesses can see great improvements in Google Maps and organic (not paid) search rankings without spending thousands of dollars a month. Our services are catered to that mindset.

Free SEO Audits Customized To Your Business

Our free audits are performed by our team members manually. This is not an automated report sent to you in language you can’t understand with no indication of next steps. We review your website structure and performance, current rankings in search as well as your overall online presence.

We use this information to put together an initial set of recommendations, their benefits and their associated costs. After we send this to you, a team member will work with you to answer any questions you have and determine the next steps. We discuss each recommendation based on priority and potential return on investment. This allows businesses to decide how to move forward. Whether that is doing all the recommended improvements, doing some work internally or choosing to do improvements in a phased approach, we partner with our clients in whatever way suits their unique needs.

And the best part? This is all complementary!

You Don't Pay To Wait For Results

SEO work can take months before the impact can be seen in your metrics. So rather than trapping you in a monthly service plan, our initial work is task based and quoted hourly. We will assist in setting our clients up with appropriate data tracking, perform the approved work and then re-assess at monthly increments. Once we are able to see that our changes have taken effect, we can then discuss next steps or ongoing services, if necessary.

We Support Your Efforts At The Level You Are Comfortable With

Some businesses don’t have the time or energy to handle any of their digital marketing efforts. Others have internal team members who can perform tasks but need guidance on strategy and best practices. Shameless Promotion is equipped to handle either scenario and everything in between!

For those businesses that want their internal team to handle portions of the work, we offer training sessions and instruction document creation to our clients and their team. This ensures they are on the path to success for any SEO work they choose to handle themselves.

Our SEO Services

Keyword & Competitor Research

We research your business, industry and competition to identify the keywords that would be the best opportunity for you.

Strategy Recommendations

We can put together an SEO strategy that fits your goals and budget. We can perform the work or work with your team to help them do it!

Ongoing SEO Services

We offer a variety of ongoing optimization services such as monthly reporting, content creation, page optimization, blog recommendations and more!

Our Process

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