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Does Above The Fold Still Matter?

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With users more willing to scroll and faster internet speeds, the concept of above the fold is not as significant as it once was. However, grabbing the attention of site visitors by making the most of the space they immediately see is still important.

What is Above the Fold?

The term “above the fold” actually began with newspapers and literally referred to the content that someone could see above the fold in the paper.

With regard to websites, it refers to what the user can see on a page without scrolling. Internet users have a short attention span. So you want to give them a clear picture of who you are and what you have to offer.

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Best Practices

When designing your website, it is best to include the following items to ensure that you are giving your site visitors the best first impression.

Device screen sizes vary. This makes it more difficult to determine what above the fold is for one visitor versus another. There are a variety of free online tools, such as Responsinator, that show you what your site looks like on different devices.

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Where Should You Put Your Call To Action?

There is debate about whether a call to action needs to be above the fold or not. Ultimately, you want to put a call to action where it will get the most engagement.

Do most of your visitors who already know who you are when they come to your site? If so, having a call to action above the fold makes things easier for them.

Or are most of your visitors unaware of who you are before visiting your site? If so, it may make more sense to place a call to action lower on the page. This gives the visitor an opportunity to learn more before being asked to act.

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