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Is your Google Business Profile showing up online?

If you haven’t checked it recently, we would recommend that you do! More and more businesses are needing to re-verify their profiles or are being flagged as potentially fraudulent (even when they aren’t!).

🔍 Why Verification Matters:

If Google flags your business, they may remove your profile from online viewing until they confirm your legitimacy. So it is important to start the process as quickly as possible.

🔒 What’s New in Verification:

Google is introducing enhanced requirements for verifying Business Profiles to maintain the integrity of its listings. These changes are designed to prevent spam, misinformation, and fraudulent activities, safeguarding the credibility of businesses on the platform. But that doesn’t make them any less annoying!

📝 Key Updates Include:

More Stringent Documentation: Business owners will be required to provide additional documentation during the verification process, ensuring the legitimacy of their entities.
Video Verification: In certain cases, Google may require businesses to provide video proof of their location. There is a bug with video verification where businesses get their video uploaded and Google says it is being reviewed. But then they return later to discover that Google has no record of that submission and is asking for the video again. From our experience, the second time’s the charm. Upload the same video again and check back regularly to keep an eye on status.

Verification Details: Google will provide you very specific instructions about what to include in your video. These instructions can be confusing for service based businesses that do not have a physical location. But you are still required to submit a video!
Follow Up Emails: Google may reach out to you during the process to ask for additional documentation. So after you start the process, make sure to check back regularly on status and handle any requests they email to you as quickly as possible.

📢 What You Need to Do:

If you haven’t verified your Google Business Profile yet or if your profile requires re-verification due to these updates, it’s crucial to take action promptly.

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