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4 Ways To Make Sure Your Business Makes Santa’s Nice List This Season

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4 Ways To Make Sure Your Business Makes Santa’s Nice List This Season


Retailers are expected to make $843.4 billion in sales over the 2021 holiday season, according to research. Many businesses rake in a large share of their annual profits during the holidays, but you can’t just count on customers to show up on their own accord. This holiday checklist will help you ensure that Santa leaves something nice in your bank account this year.

  1. Make Your Storefront Festive

Decorating your storefront is a good way to attract customers walking by the store and get them in the mood to make a holiday purchase. Some people specifically go out shopping to see the festive holiday displays. Pull them into your store by playing holiday music, hanging lights and decorations and featuring your most in-demand holiday products.

  1. Get Ready for the Holiday Rush

Once you are deep into the holiday shopping season, you don’t want to be scrambling. Before you start getting busy, look at what is and what isn’t working well for your store and make some adjustments. Prepare as much as you can before the holidays start:

  • Order supplies
  • Make decorating plans
  • Figure out your staffing needs and hire extra help
  • Fix anything broken and do a deep cleaning
  • Shore up your customer service practices and your return policies

If you or your staff have any unused vacation time, take it before the holiday season starts so you will be well-rested.

  1. Prepare Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

The holiday season comes with a boost to sales for many businesses, but you still need to market your products to make sure customers are coming to you instead of a competitor. It may make sense to hire some freelance help, such as a TikTok agency like DK Web Development, to design and run your holiday marketing campaign. We can create seasonal web and social media content and promote specials and events.

  1. Don’t Forget Last-Minute Shoppers

There are always shoppers who wait until the last minute to finish up their Christmas list. You can entice these shoppers into your store by creating a gift guide, offering expedited shipping or running a sale on a non-traditional day after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are over. Consider opening your store and your customer service department for extended hours as the holiday approaches so that last-minute shoppers have more opportunities to make a purchase. Make sure customers know you are open by posting updates to your social media accounts.

The holiday shopping season is one of the most challenging and important parts of the year for any retail business. The better you plan for the holiday rush, the more successful you are likely to be.