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Learn to Code Roblox Games – Free Online Class for Kids

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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting free online classes on how to code Roblox games during school closures. When we realized that schools would be closed for weeks across the country, we knew it would be challenging for us and all the other parents out there. Our CEO, Lindsey Krogle, came up with the idea of online classes for kids around coding. And we went from there.

We reached out to Code Kingdoms with the idea. They have provided us with free trial accounts valid for 3 months! Students that wish to participate will receive free access to a Code Kingdoms account during our class time.

Our own CTO, Dave Krogle, will be hosting the lessons, walking students through the activity and answering questions as needed.

Classes are tentatively scheduled to start next week and will be hosted on Tuesdays.

We will be utilizing social media to help us pick class times that work best for the majority of those that are interested.

Please visit us on Facebook or Instagram for updates on class times, lesson plans and other details.

We can’t wait to get started!