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Five Reasons to Backup Your Site

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Do you backup your site regularly?

If not, you definitely should be. Here are five reasons why you should backup your site.

1. Your Hosting Company May Not Backup Your Site

Many hosting companies offer regular backups of your site, but not all.

Are backups part of your hosting package? If not, it is unlikely that your hosting company will be able to provide you with one when you need it.

Backup Your Site

We had a client who had a billing issue with their hosting company. Because of this, they lost access to their site. Their hosting plan did not include regular backups. They had to pay a fee to the hosting company to find a backup and restore their site. They were down for days because of it.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on your hosting company for your backups.

2. Your Development Server May Be Outdated

If you have a development server from when your site was first designed, you may feel secure that you have a backup. However, changes that were done in production may not be there. Using this is a backup could cause the loss of a lot of changes and important files.

3. Reverse Issues After Software Updates

Software updates are a vital part of maintaining a website. They help keep your site secure and functioning properly. That being said, software updates can occasionally cause things on your site to break.

It is difficult to know in advance how different software will interact with each other. So we always recommend that you backup your site prior to software updates. This gives you the option to revert to a previous version of your site.

4. Backup Your Site To Protect Against Human Error

People can make mistakes. Some mistakes are easier to fix than others. And reverting to a backup may be the better choice depending on the severity of the issue.

5. Quickly Resolve Malware Infections & Site Hacks

Malware and hacks are more common than you would think. If you are unfortunate enough to have one of these issues, it could take several hours to resolve. Several hours of work could mean days of down time for your site. However, if you backup your site you can save yourself a major headache.

Need Help With Site Backups?

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