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What’s the best way to share your video content? Vimeo vs. YouTube

videographer creating videos youtube vs vimeo

videographer creating videos youtube vs vimeo

Our clients often ask about Vimeo vs YouTube. If you now have videos you’d like to share for your business, but don’t know how do you pick the right platform…

Our recommendation is to share it everywhere you can!

If you have social media accounts for your business like Facebook and Instagram, you should post the videos directly to them. By uploading your videos directly to the platform, you get additional benefits such as showing up in their video search results and browsing options. So this is a much better way to share videos there. Sharing a vimeo or YouTube link will not allow you to appear in those additional places.

We have lots of clients who don’t like YouTube, because they can’t control what videos show when their video ends. And YouTube may even show your competition after your video. However, that does not mean you should not post your videos to YouTube. YouTube has great SEO value and will increase the number of listings that can appear for your business in Google search. Users search and browse YouTube and may come across your videos within the platform, giving you access to potential customers you may not reach otherwise. Furthermore, your YouTube videos will show up in their Videos section and may even show up above website search results.

So if you are already uploading your videos directly to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, why would you sign up for a Vimeo account? Unlike YouTube, Vimeo does offer paid subscriptions that give you control over whether video recommendations show up. So this is the platform we suggest for sharing videos on your website. You can learn more about their pricing and features for their plans here, which start as low as $7 a month and offer free trials. Another nice feature is that all paid subscriptions allow you to post your uploaded videos directly to your social media accounts from Vimeo with one click.

DO NOT upload videos directly to your website. The benefits of a platform like Vimeo or YouTube is that they are designed to work with a variety of devices so you can be sure that your video with work properly. If you upload the video directly to your website, it may not function properly or look good on all devices.

Video content can be time consuming and expensive to create. So make the most of your video content and post it directly to as many places as possible.

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