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Why You Should Review Your Website Content

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Don’t lose the confidence of your visitors with outdated content! Fresh, accurate content improves your ranking in search results and increases your chance for qualified leads.

We have previously discussed the importance of updating your software. Updating your content is equally important for different reasons. We will be discussing the top three reasons in this article.

Incorrect Content Will Cause Customers to Lose Confidence

Customers begin to question your authority when they find they find typos, grammatical errors and outdated content. Outdated or incorrect content will make it hard for customers to trust you. If you haven’t reviewed your website content recently, you should. Always have your content proofread by someone who didn’t write it.

Websites With Rich, Fresh Content Rank Higher in Search Results

Focus keywords, title tags, meta data and URLs are all important aspects of your content. If you don’t know what these are or need help, tools like Yoast SEO and Smart Crawl can help. They are plugins for WordPress that assist in ensuring that your pages and posts are SEO friendly. These tools also show you how your pages will appear in search results and allow you to improve it.

Fresh content does not mean you have to reinvent your homepage or even update existing pages. However, you can read about reasons to redesign your website here. Below are a few ways to add fresh content to your existing website:

  1. Timely updates about new services, products or features you offer.
  2. Add new posts to your Blog and/or your News section.
  3. Update your events.
  4. Add or update your FAQ with new information your visitors are looking for.

Informative Content Creates Qualified Leads

A website should effectively explain who you are, what you do and how you can help. When your website accomplishes that, it will create qualified leads from visitors.

Is your content designed to answer your visitors’ most common questions?

Does it demonstrate how you can meet their needs?

Is it clear what sets you apart from your competition?

If the answer is yes, then your visitors will be informed enough to be genuinely interested in what you have to offer. If not, you should consider refreshing your content.

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